Luna Vexa

For the past six years, Luna studied different forms of singing techniques through the Victorian Vocal Academy. By 22 years old, she had already toured across Europe and Australia as session vocalist and keyboardist to renowned Australian Metal giants, Make Them Suffer, as part of their 'Never Say Die' & 'Ether' tours. After departing the metal scene to develop her solo record, Luna managed to combine her signature powerhouse sound with dark-pop soundscapes and released her debut single 'Venomous' in early 2017 to rave reviews from fans and media alike. 

Luna’s first EP Bad was released in early 2018, has been streamed organically more than 100,000 times internationally, and has peaked in popularity being played on over 100 US college radios - as well as rotating on local Australian radios. Only two months into 2019, Luna crowdfunded her debut album King of Eve and completed her goal in just six days, exceeding well beyond the amount landing $9050. On top of an album in the works, she just had a collaboration released this year with renowned LA producers and DJ’s Beauz and Germany’s own ThatBehaviour, which has exceeded 800,000 streams on Spotify and added to over 18 playlists and 11 New Music Friday’s around the world.

Located in South Yarra
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday times available.
Skype lessons also available

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About the Lessons

The singing lessons are private, unique to each individual and are for beginners to touring professionals. Genres include contemporary styles: pop, rock, metal and jazz. There are performance opportunities for students to gain experience in a safe, fun and controlled environment. Techniques that are taught include:

  • Correct breath support and diaphragmatic breathing

  • Scales/warm ups and warm downs

  • Articulation and pronunciation

  • Extending the vocal range 

  • How to release tension and improve posture

  • Vocal and respiratory anatomy 

  • Vocal care and health

  • Dynamic control and correct phrasing

  • Resonance and vocal tone 

  • Vocal registers and how to navigate through passaggio

  • Delivery on songs and stage presence

  • Career and touring/recording mentorship 

  • Microphone technique both live and in the studio